Snowshoe hiking excursion to Niesalompolo campfire shelter

This overnight snowshoe adventure takes place in the Ylläs snowscapes


493€ / person




6 adults

We will head for our private Lappish kota shelter in Niesalompolo where we can experience true wilderness atmosphere. We sleep overnight in wooden kota shelters, in sleeping bags and lying on reindeer furs. The campfire is our form of heating.

Once we reach the kota, we can try our luck at winter fishing on a private lake, while dinner is prepared in the kota shelter. As the fire blazes, we savour a sumptuous dinner. After dinner, if the skies are clear, we may be able to experience the mystical dance of the Northern Lights and listen to nature’s own sound of silence, and perhaps see some wildlife (reindeer, hare, Siberian jay). After a good night’s sleep it’s time for morning wash and breakfast.

Then we pack up our things and start the return journey.

We provide personal service and small groups.

Snowshoe excursions rates:

493 €/person, with a minimum of six persons. We also arrange this excursion for smaller groups for a different rate.


Overnight excursion. Departure at around 1 p.m. and return the next day at 1 - 2 p.m.

The minimum number of participants for 493€ is six adults.

Price includes:

Transfers, equipment (snowshoes, sleeping bags, reindeer furs, winter fishing gear), guidance, insurance, snack bars and hot juice for the hike, water bottles, dinner, breakfast, winter fishing equipment.

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