Eagle watching in Ylläs

As the morning gradually brightens, it’s busy around the carcass


160€ / person


6 hours


4 persons

The first to find the carcass is a handsome raven sitting on the nearby silver pine. It looks all around in curiosity and appears to be on guard. After peering about for a while, it decides there is no danger and flies down to peck at its delicious meal. A few crows also come to see what’s for breakfast, and after a short while there is a rather bustling buffet going on.

The eagle first carefully monitors the situation from afar until it can see no excess movement, then it calmly flaps its wings to reach the carcass. The closer it comes, the bigger it looks, and when slowing down before landing its full wing span can be seen. Tremendous! This sprightly, wild eagle sits back on the silver pine, nobly looks around, yet still somewhat doubtful. The eagle then easily tears the meat using its sharp beak, and still looks around with meat hanging from its mouth before getting really stuck into the meal.

Equipment: Appropriate gear for the weather (we will be stationary as we are in the hideout, so you should bring plenty of warm clothing). You can also bring along your own packed lunch and non-alcoholic drinks.

Although we can get quite near to the Hide by car, we have to cover the last 500 metres on foot.

Availabele from September to April.

We provide personal, small groups and local resident of Lapland guide!


160€ / person, when the group size is 4-8 persons.


App. 6 hours.

Minimum group size

Minimum group size of this excursion is 4 persons and max. 8 persons.

Price includes

Transportations in Ylläs area (Äkäslompolo and Ylläsjärvi villages), guidance service, hideout place.

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