Riding over powdery snow to Sweden

In this safari we drive along the marsh areas from Ylläs to Sweden

Traversing highlands and frozen wetlands and rivers
over the hills and heading for powdery snow in Sweden.


756€ / person




4 adults or minimum charge 3024 € / safari.

We will pick you up from your accommodation around noon for this slightly more demanding snowmobile safari. Before departure, we will pack each backpack with all the necessary personal supplies for staying overnight at LappeanLohi. At the Safari House, you will be given all the clothing and equipment you need for riding the snowmobile and we will provide instructions how to ride a snowmobile. After this, we ride along the Ylläs snowmobile routes towards the Tornionjoki River and the village of Lappea. During the safari, we will stop at open fire to savour delicious Lappish bread with reindeer meat with sooty pot coffee or tea. After this tasty break, there is only a short distance remaining to our accommodation at LappeanLohi, where the sauna has been heated ready for the adventurers. Once the warmth of the sauna has worked its magic on the muscles used for riding the snowmobile, it is time to enjoy a delicious dinner. Accommodation is provided in twin or group rooms (up to four persons). Breakfast is served at about 8 a.m., after which we hop on our snowmobiles and heading for the powdery snow in Sweden, crossing the border and the Tornionjoki River without customs formalities. After our visit to the Swedish snowscapes, we head back to Finland and Ylläsjärvi, arriving in the early afternoon. On the way to Ylläsjärvi we will fry sausages on the fire and sooty pot coffee is brewed over the fire.

or safety reasons the safari is always with one person per snowmobile.
You need to be experienced snowmobile rider.
Total driving kilometres is app. 160 km.

We provide personal service and small groups.


756€ / person, 1 person / snowmobile
Minimum charge 3024 € / safari


Overnight safari

Minimum group size

Minimum group size of this safari is 4 adults.

Price includes

Transportations from / to accommodation in Ylläs area, use of snowmobile, equipments (winter overall, shoes, gloves, balaclava and helmet), accommodation in LappeanLohi, sauna, dinner, breakfast, Lappish bread with reindeer meat, sausages, coffee/tea, cinnamon roll, guidance service in English and in Finnish, insurance.

There is possibility to have traditional smoke sauna in LappeanLohi with extra fee.

Things worth knowing about snowmobile safaris

  • Snowmobile safari rates include: return transfers within the Ylläs district, snowmobiling gear, fuel, guidance services, third party and comprehensive insurance (excess (personal liability) in case of accident is max. 1000 €).
  • The minimum age for riding a snowmobile is 18 years. The rider must possess  a driver’s licence valid in Finland and this licence must be carried at all times when riding the snowmobile!
  • Remember, that driving a snowmobile has a same risks as driving any other motor vehicle. In case of accident, you might get hurt!
  • The drink driving rules are the same as for cars: Don’t drink and drive!
  • For your own safety, please take any possible necessary medications with you on the safari (asthma inhalers, insulin, heart medicines, etc.).
  • We do not recommend participating on a snowmobile safari if you are pregnant.
  • Cancellations of advance orders must be made no later than 48 hours prior to the commencement of the programme, otherwise the full price of the booking will be charged.


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