Ballroom dancing course

Have you always admired friends who really know how to glide across the dancefloor? This is your chance to do the same.


135€ / person


3 hours


4 adults

This course is intended for anyone interested in ballroom dancing. You can choose two ballroom dancing styles a day (waltz, Finnish humppa, tango, fox, or Finnish schottische) and practice the basic steps.  Dance moves, twirls and other fine steps can be further refined in more advanced courses. There will be short breaks between the changing of dance styles. Make sure you bring along something to drink, and we recommend you wear low, rather smooth soled shoes to increase your success at dancing. If your group does not have a dancing companion, there’s no need to worry: dance steps can also be practiced alone, and partners can be swapped now and then. In this way, everyone will be able to dance with a partner!


133€ / person


App. 3 hours.

Minimum group size

Minimum group size of this course is 4 persons.

Price includes

Transportation, guidance service, insurance, coffee.

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