Heating the smoke sauna and the benefits of sauna bathing

Heating a smoke sauna is something that cannot be rushed. It is worth reserving plenty of time for this sauna, as the heating of the stone stove takes a number of hours.

You can participate in the final heating of the smoke sauna once the stove has been heating for already 4–5 hours. After participating in the final heating procedures, you will know the principles and system for heating a smoke sauna, and carbon monoxide steam and mellowing will be familiar concepts. As we wait for the sauna to mellow, we savour a cup of coffee and learn something about Finnish sauna bathing habits before experiencing the heated smoke sauna with its traditional sauna whisk. You also have the chance to experience how refreshing it is to dip in the ice pool occasionally when bathing in the smoke sauna. Programme duration is approximately 4 hours.

Skills menu

Teach Charles how to fish, the middle management how to cook food on an open fire, or give Anna some skiing lessons. Kylmämaa Tours’ Skills Menu is not your typical recreational service: here you'll learn leisure skills with an instructor and train on your own – alone or in a group. The Skills Menu provides your staff, guests and meeting groups with interesting things to do in the Lappish nature all year round. And maybe it's a start to a fun hobby group or a start to a whole new lifestyle.

The service includes:

  • Selection of 12 different skills training sessions around the year in Lapland
  • You can also influence on the selection
  • Each staff member can choose four different skills in a year
  • Facilities, equipment and 2–4 hours training in Finnish
  • Group size 4–40 persons, more groups if required
  • Assistance in further skills training (facilities, equipment, know-how etc.)


399 €/year

Chance to incorporate the Skills Menu into a Polarfysio product

  • Easy expansion package to your company meetings, PR activities, or rewarding
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